Our Mission

We provide opportunities for tourism in the new $13tn* Metaverse space, that are low emission, flexible and just what the industry needs.

*Estimated value of the Metaverse space by 2030 by Citi Group

Our Story

We started New Frontier in 2021. Our interest and experience in Blockchain, NFTs and Metaverse started in 2016, when our founder Graeme Stevens became actively involved in the space as an investor and researcher.

Graeme was there when Enjin gave the first public NFT minting demonstration of ERC 1155 at GDC 2018 having flown to Seoul to see it.

With Blockchain eco-systems now coming online that are capable of delivering the experiences we need for the general public, now is the time to provide the economic opportunities we know Metaverse is capable of providing for the Tourism industry.

Based near Dundee, Scotland, we are in the centre of the key industries needed for our company to succeed.

Dundee has a rich gaming history with Lemmings, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto all having origins in the City. Dundee is the first UNESCO City of Design in the UK with the only V&A Design Museum outside of London making Dundee a thriving creative hub. Dundee is also home to the UK Centre of Excellence for Gaming at Abertay University (rated in Global Top10 by Princeton Review) and an e-sports Arena with 4500 seats is planned in the City for 2024.

Creativity, Tourism and Gaming are all around us!

An early indication of just how transformational Metaverse can be was the highly popular game "Axie Infinity".

Not only was this a showcase of the use case of the technology, but stories began emerging from the Philippines of people using income earned in the game to provide a social safety net where the Government was unable to do so. 

This was the catalyst for us to get started building New Frontier. We were inspired to create a community driven, ethical, collaborative  business that puts the Stakeholders in tourism at the heart of everything we do.

We are trade members of all tourism bodies in Scotland and part of Traveltech for Scotland at Edinburgh Futures Institute.

A key signal the Metaverse is coming to life

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