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Our Mission

We provide digital innovation solutions that allow our clients to access and benefit from virtual tourism solutions that complement their existing offering.

Our Approach

In simple terms, we solve problems through innovative thinking. Attractions come to us with challenges and goals that already exist and we help provide solutions for both.

We know that immersive digital experiences increase physical footfall, not because we have read it, but because we have seen it first hand. Where this works is when the digital experiences have a direct connection to what is happening in the real world.

This is known as a mixed reality economy.

It can improve footfall by 3x and revenue can double or more. This does not mean immersive mixed reality is the only solution we offer, we start like any conventional business understanding your segmentation, evaluating what customers want and applying that to a best fit solution that is in itself tested by the stakeholders of the attraction.

What we will do though, is encourage a digital presence where there are clear benefits for you.

McKinsey have estimated virtual tourism will be worth $20bn by 2030. We will provide the support, training, skills and experience for your attraction to benefit from a slice of it!

We are building a digital gateway for tourism that will have users ready to explore your attraction and create extra revenue for your business.

  • Digital Transformation

  • Rebranding

  • Web and App development

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Trails, adventures and challenges

  • Collaboration and projects across local area

  • Oversight of metaverse projects as advisors where requested

  • Training and Support

  • Full end to end project management

Visitor to a museum

At the attractions level

A person using VR wearable device

We are building a set of regional tourism gateways in Scotland/Ireland, Mexico, USA, Australia and India.

The first of these worlds is Metinburgh which we think of as a digital cousin of Edinburgh at least in look and feel, but that is open to all. The second world is the Mayaverse for the Mexican tourism market. Both worlds are built with and have support from the tourism bodies in each country.

Benefits of your business or attraction being in Metinburgh include

  • Wider consumer base

  • Opportunities for diversity and inclusion through the use of technology.

  • Monetise and curate your digital offering with the support of our expert team, building an ecommerce offering

  • Be seen as a pioneer and innovator prepared to push boundaries and try new things.

  • Offer events and other activities that might not be possible in your physical attraction space.

  • Optional use of VR Headsets but content that works on any device

  • Advertising and Marketing opportunities in the digital space.

  • Use AR trails/challenges and QR codes to lead your digital offering from the real world space.

  • Connect and collaborate with other businesses in your local area

  • Benefit from your projects having steering and oversight from industry experts. We always offer the opportunity for our work to be supported and/or monitored for your peace of mind.

A person using VR wearable device

At the Metaverse level
(headsets optional)

A person using VR wearable device

We are proud to partner and work with tourism authorities around the globe to bring the oppportunities of the digital innovation to the global tourism market.

Our work with tourism bodies includes:

  • Training and Workshops with member attractions on how to leverage digital innovation in their attractions.

  • Develop a strategy for digital tourism gateways, like Metinburgh and The Mayaverse

  • Work on trial projects and proof of concepts to evaluate best approches to digital innovation

  • Encourage each tourism body to act as steering and oversight of our projects, so that our work is evaluated and trusted.

  • Map digital innovation and Metaverse to UN Global Devlopment goals/Outlook 2030 and other national strategies to ensure strategic fit.

  • Speak/Present at national tourism events, such as the Scottish National Tourism Conference

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With Tourism Bodies

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