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In what ways can our technology be applied?

How to apply our technology in tourism?


Loyalty and Memberships

By creating digital loyalty schemes we can open up new sources of revenue, personalise experiences for customers and create value, all while working sustainably.

Digital Ticketing

Reservations and Ticketing created digitally also creates value opportunities for customers. It also allows a secondary sales system that is partly peer to peer that adds revenue to your  business

Virtual Spaces

Whether creating a base in virtual world or using immersive rooms for research or customer experiences, working virtually creates a number of opportunities for your business and new sources of income.



Rewarding customers with tangible value that they can use is a antidote to the cost of living crisis. Rewards that give financial rewards to customers and make services affordable are also possible.

Virtual Conferences and Events

Holding events in a virtual setting can help attract interest and connect you to consumers who would perhaps otherwise not hear about your business. Adding your business to a virtual gateway to Scotland allows you to position your business as the premier offering in Scotland.


Family Fun

From treasure hunts to virtual adventures, digital technology can create new experiences for the whole family. 

Out your brand front and centre in virtual experiences and allow all the family to enjoy their time with you.

Integrate your brand into games and virtual worlds.

Collaborate within our client community

We encourage all our adopters to collaborate with each other and look for opportunities to build links within their Metaverse campaigns. By combining ideas, resources and stories, we create a richer experience for your visitors while allowing all adopters to share the risk of doing something innovative.

Authenticity of People and Goods

NFTs can act as digital certificates of authenticity for either people or goods, such as authenticating a bottle of whisky. Our Enjin based NFTs are the most dynamic available on the blockchain and not only can we certify the bottle but also use your certificate as a gateway to experiences that no other NFT solution can match!

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