Full support at every stage of your metaverse journey

Our Services


Consultancy & Project Mangement

From training & information sessions about what the Metaverse is and its benefits, all the way through to full project management and support, we offer consultancy no matter what stage of the Metaverse journey you are on.


NFT Development

We create NFTs for our clients, taking you through all the stages of defining a campaign, graphic design & development. We are able to offer NFT token utility including connecting to experiences, games and virtual worlds through our partners in the Enjin network. Whether you need NFTs as certificates of authenticity, or you need a suit of armour to become a gaming skin, we offer full NFT design and development services.


Education & Training

New Frontier includes qualified teachers on staff. That means we can provide tailored resources to support the learning process for your clients. Integrating a new technology needs the support of your client base and we offer materials to support staff training, focus groups, educational classes and much more.


Metaverse Marketing

If you are thinking of a base in the Metaverse for your business, or holding events, competitions, concerts etc in the Metaverse, we can support all the logistics, planning and general marketing within the Metaverse through our network.

Collaborate within our client community

We encourage all our adopters to collaborate with each other and look for opportunities to build links within their Metaverse campaigns. By combining ideas, resources and stories, we create a richer experience for your visitors while allowing all adopters to share the risk of doing something innovative.