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One coin,
A new industry paradigm

Alba is the gaelic word for Scotland. But it is also the Spanish for "the beginning of the sunrise". As New Frontier rises we pass through the alba and onwards to success.


Max Supply

10% Team Tokens 

(30 Million)

15% Eco-System Development

(45 Million)

10% Seed Investors (@0.04) 

(30 Million)

5% Private Round (@0.06)

(15 Million)

10% Public Launch (@0.08)

(30 Million)

15% Treasury

(45 Million)

15% Tourism Hardship & Development Fund

(45 Million)

20% Staking Rewards Pool

(60 Million)

Redefining the travel experience


Introducing $ALBAPAY

$ALBA will also be accepted as a payment option by all of our adopters.

Tourism business Onboarding

Supported onboarding for Tourism businesses to enter our eco-system, based on opportunity for the Tourism business  to benefit and Strategic fit for New Frontier. Voting will be used to determine a final outcome for applicants.

Tourism Industry Hardship Fund & Talent Incubator

Tourism is only just recovering from the pandemic and faces more challenges in the coming years. We will support attractions by creating a financial hardship fund & talent scholarship program. Recipients are chosen by community vote.


Voting via Referendum on decisons affecting Network governance will be available to qualified $ALBA holders. There will also be a limited edition governance NFT that can be purchased by $ALBA holders.

Staking & Rewards

Staking $ALBA within our network to provide liquidity will result in rewards for Token holders


Applied to Research and Development allowing us to fund network development and collaborations with strategic partners


15% of the token supply of $ALBA will be retained by New Frontier as treasury for future allocation.



Community Investment

Revenue raised within the DAO will be returned into development funding for existing and new clients

Alba Bridges Program

Our program for collaboration with other Blockchain solutions. The DAO members will vote on approval of such partnerships


All holders can qualify to be part of the desicion making group, through holding a Governance NFT or length of time holding $ALBA above a particular level.

Collator Node for Efinity

Our NFTs and our Metaverse links are via the Efinity Network. New Frontier will provide an Efinity collator node with revenues being returned into our eco-system

Smart Contracts

The DAO will be underpinned by Smart Contracts that ensure consistency within the DAO.


Events will be held both in the real world and in the Metaverse for specific qualified holders.



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